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Alcohol Support Group Orpington

Alcohol Support Service
in Orpington for individuals and families.


Offering one to one & group support in a welcoming environment. Telephone & online support also available.

Confidentiality Assured.

With the Right Help, Great Things Can Happen


​Hi, my name is Matt and along with my wife Liz we have founded ASG Alcohol Support Group (Orpington Branch). As a family we have years of lived experience of addressing problem drinking, recovery and also how this affects families. My own pathway to recovery began 13 years ago so I understand the difficulties of recognising & addressing problem drinking and also navigating everyday life whilst maintaining sobriety. Over the last 2 years I have undertaken voluntary work as a Recovery Support worker & have completed a level 4 diploma in Drug, Solvent & Alcohol Abuse Counselling. Family and friends are equally affected by the problem drinking of loved ones, so we encourage those affected by this to come along to our family group. We also offer one to one support for both individuals & families as we understand that a group setting does not suit everybody. At the Alcohol Support Group - Orpington Branch, we are committed to providing a safe and supportive space for individuals who are struggling with alcohol addiction. Our members find our regular support sessions to be beneficial, as they provide an opportunity to receive help, talk to others who understand, and build a supportive network. We believe that recovery is possible and that with the right support, anyone can turn their life around and live a happier and healthier life. Our group is dedicated to providing support, guidance and resources to those in need. We are not a step-based group. Our ethos is ‘Promoting recovery through open practical discussion’.

How We Help

We know looking for alcohol support in Orpington is a daunting prospect, but you are in the right place for help, support, and a friendly ear. 

Alcohol Support Group Orpington

Ask for Help

Raising your hand can often be the first big step in your recovery. Whether you are ready to join a meeting or just want to send us a message, the Alcohol Support Group - Orpington Branch is here.

Alcohol Support Group in Orpington

Join a Meeting or Receive One to One support

Our alcohol support sessions provide our members with a safe space to talk about their addiction and meet other people who have experienced similar journeys with alcohol abuse. We can also provide one to one support for both individuals and families.

Alcohol Support Group Orpington, Kent


We are proud to provide our members with resources and signposting to useful places where they can get further assistance to make their lives easier and their recovery stronger.

Orpington Alcohol Support

Ongoing Support

We know that our alcohol support group in Orpington goes further than just the meetings. We build strong connections between our members that help to aid you in your ongoing journey without alcohol.

Meeting Dates

Support Sessions
Thursdays 7pm

Our Alcohol Support Group meets every Thursday 7pm at Orpington Methodist Church to provide help and support to those affected by alcohol-related issues.

We continue to support individuals & families outside of the group meetings.

All group & individual support is free, confidential and open to anyone who needs help. If you would like to attend any of our support meetings, you are welcome to come along.

Send Us a Message

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